Founded 1962
Mrs. Harry Clark Boden, IV
Dutch Colonial Society
Image of New Amsterdam

About the Dutch Colonial Society

Honoring our Dutch Ancestors and Heritage

The insignia of the Dutch Colonial Society is based upon the original historic design for the Society as founded in 1962 by Mrs. Harry Clark Boden, IV on the occasion of the celebration of the Tercentenary of the first Dutch settlements in the Delaware Valley by the Historical Society of Lewes (formerly Zwaanendael), Delaware.

Mrs. Boden designed the original insignia depicting in gold two white enameled swans for Zwaanendael, meaning the Valley of the Swans, holding in their beaks a gold shield of Holland. Between them appears Henry Hudson's ship The Half Moon, in gold, shown against a half moon background. The date of the founding of Zawwnendael in 1631 is shown below the name of the settlement.

The insignia crafted by Citypride, Ltd is available only to members of the Dutch Colonial Society from the Vice President, Anne Henninger. Members may contact her at

The Dutch Colonial Insignia